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Effective website design

It’s easy to create a website; it’s not so easy to create a Better Website that will create more opportunities for your business.


A lot of research and preparation goes into creating the perfect website and below we go through our usual website process from start to finish.


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Step 1

Initial Website Consultation

Knowing and understanding your business is the first thing we need to establish.


On an initial consultation we would look at perfect clients, direct competitors and market size.

We would want to understand the buying process and time it takes to sell a product or service.

This information will help us gain a better picture of how to best sell your product or service online.


Design and Layout / Wireframing

The design and layout of a website can make all the difference between a good website and a great one.

Our talented team will go back and come up with a layout that will take all the initial information into account and create a unique design and layout designed to impress and convert prospective clients.


Text / Photo / Video

Focusing on your clients and how you can help them is what your visitors will want to see and a well written, professional write up will provide an air of professionalism.

Personalised photos also create a welcome backdrop to the website. Videos also help people to understand your service better and can really help speed up the buying process.


Staging and Testing

Once all content and the design and layout has been finalised, we would be ready to code the website and add any required functionality.

Each and every website is completed to the highest standards and is checked multiple times to ensure device compatibility, speed and ease of use.


Once your website has been checked and tested for any eventuality it is ready for rollout and we are ready to…